Tango Argentino
Guitar Craft

The GC Professional Model electro-acoustic guitar is the result of more than twenty years of experience within the educative & performance framework of Guitar Craft. During this time, many requirements that a guitar would need to meet in order to be a most effective instrument became clear to the long term Crafty Guitarists Fumihito Hatano and Hernán Nuñez.
The implementation of their design is currently commissioned to Eduardo Daniel Beaudoux, one of the finest luthiers in South America, who builds the GC Professional Model In Argentina, with highest quality materials & components.

Robert Fripp reports:

"Beast Of Terror, Sweetness & Sensitivity"
"The GC Model is superb. An acoustic, modelled on the shape of the Ovation, made completely of wood & with a Les Paul-scale fingerboard therefore a slightly smaller body. This Beaudoux
is my guitar for this course, and afterwards".



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